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It is a common misconception that conduct throughout the world is identically controlled in all jurisdictions. However, sovereign states make their own rules, regulation and legal frameworks that apply within their borders. As such, individuals and legal persons can utilize services in any country they see best fit, for as long as they comply with local standards and do not infringe the laws of their home country. This allows for forum shopping by natural persons and corporations with an international scope. For high net worth individuals, location independent entrepreneurs and other international professionals, offshore financial centers offer a variety of professional services.

Offshore financial centers are jurisdictions that leverage traditional Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) programs and allow non-residents to use the local corporate infrastructure without exhausting its internal resources. As such, the local economy and public income is stimulated, and financial services become an important part of the economic situation in offshore jurisdictions.

Corporations and virtual entrepreneurs find the use of offshore jurisdictions convenient for several reasons. Although fiscal advantages are considered the core driver of the industry by outsiders, the limitation of overall bureaucracy is a crucial determinant for accelerated corporate growth and therefore even more important for those who utilize such jurisdictions. To avoid an unequal level playing field, whilst maintaining appropriate levels of transparency and fairness, foreign jurisdictions often impose strict rules on usage of offshore companies.

Like all corporations, offshore companies maintain relationships with financial institutions to perform transactions. Globalization and remoteless access to the internet allow offshore companies to engage with service providers and financial intermediaries in different countries. The upside of the development of this ecosystem is its accessibility for almost any entrepreneur in the world. With this potential comes responsibility because abuse of the system is a realistic threat.

Most offshore companies serve a legitimate purpose in international trade and commerce. Offshore financial centers also appear as a conduit for asset management and protection. The corporate structure and enhanced privacy protection rules in such jurisdictions allow beneficiaries to remain rather anonymous. Corporate registries provide little information and beneficial owners are only revealed to public authorities or when the courts allow for this transparency. It follows that misconduct and illicit activities may remain undisclosed and that recovery gets difficult for victims of fraud and deception.

The advantages of globalization and virtual entrepreneurship also contain side-effects. International diversification provides ample opportunities, but these very same opportunities create challenges when things go wrong. Asset and fund recovery in (offshore) bank failure, investment fraud and other transactions that result in financial loss remains inconvenient and long-winded. The involvement of distinct jurisdictions with their own legal systems further complicate matters for repayment of allegedly lost assets.

Global asset recoveries is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC. Legal Floris LLC is an internationally operating service provider with a focus on corporate management and administrative, financial and legal services for individuals and companies transacting with the traditional financial centers and offshore jurisdictions. Alongside common corporate services in these jurisdictions, we leverage our experience in and knowledge of offshore financial centers to provide asset and fund recovery services for high net worth individuals and offshore companies.

Most of our customers are victimized by and creditors of (offshore) bank failure and investment fraud. Misconduct could have happened by the offshore company or to the offshore company. As such, we strategize and tailor the asset and fund recovery procedures to achieve maximum results whilst limiting risk of repayment. The offshore financial industry, and offshore financial centers in particular, are characterized by a lack of transparency utilized by opaque corporate structures and civil agreements. This structure makes asset and fund recovery difficult in (offshore) bank failure and international investment fraud.

Creditors of financial institutions and investment firms who need their assets returned must consider different frameworks. As such fund recovery is covered by a combination and overlap in for example company law, contract law, and insolvency law. Characteristic in all these laws is that there are no second chances for repayment and those who remain passive often lose their right for recourse.

Potential loss of money has a reactive character. After the event, creditors need to plan accordingly and become an expert in most several parts of the recovery process. Information is not always reliable, and all stakeholders have their own agenda. Our agenda is simple: we aim to return lost investments to their owners! Therefore, feel free to contact us today and discuss your matter. One of our industry veterans will listen to you and analyze the situation so you will be able to identify your options and solutions for recovery. There are no obligations to hire our firm.

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