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In a virtual world, where global value chains allow manufacturing of end-products by fragmentation, international markets are available to almost anyone. This also applies to the financial services industry. Traditionally, private banking and offshore financial centers were only available to the selected few. These days however, a growing number of individuals and legal persons utilize the advantages of financial globalization and swift and easy access to the internet to manage their financial matters.

The loosening of borders allows investors to seek the best possible returns internationally. The upside of an international strategy combines portfolio diversification with favorable and often tax neutral regimes for wealth management. Yet, where regulation is weak and further administrative supervision is limited, downside risk goes further than global benchmarks. Unsophisticated and unreliable fund managers and financial crime regrettably finds its way to jurisdictions with lax controls as well. As such, investors may achieve above market returns but can also lose their full investment.

Financial globalization assumes a singular level playing field where rules and regulation is everywhere and in all jurisdictions the same. Unfortunately this is a utopia that only manifests to those who experience difficulties abroad. Banks and financial institutions facilitate international transactions and allow investors to tap into different markets. Under ordinary circumstances, financial transactions and investments run smooth. However, when things go wrong there are substantial potential side-effects that lead to loss of money and other assets.

Professional investors are expected to know what they do, or to hire expert advice to assess the risk involved in a financial transaction. Retail investors, often referred to as ordinary people and natural persons, have some protection but can disclaim these rights by acknowledgement of waivers or by the conformation that they are well-informed professional investors. The doctrine of caveat emptor applies to every professional investor, both institutional and individual. It follows that investors must always beware of the risk involved in financial transactions.

Global asset recovery is a process that ultimately leads to the return of lost money, assets and other investments to creditors. In todays society, where money flows cross-border and often touches multiple jurisdictions, asset tracing is the first step towards repayment. Global asset recovery services are tailored towards bank failure and investment fraud where assets penetrate different jurisdictions and offshore financial centers. As a result, clients from all around the world, including individual investors, corporate creditors and bank depositors, retain recovery services to minimize their risk of losses and maximize the potential for repayment.

Financial crime, investment fraud and unintentional (offshore) bank failure happens all of a sudden and comes generally at unpredictable moments. Financial institutions, banks and investment advisers make income by positive forecasts and targeted outcomes of investors. Most investors do not consider negative results, let alone a full loss of the investment prior to the contract was concluded. Fraud, deception and other impermissible conduct that leads to a loss of money, as well as the traditional bank liquidation and insolvency procedures may require specialized assistance to qualify for maximum repayment.

Attention Investors and Bank Depositors Without Access To Their Money…

The global financial sector provides for many opportunities. Bank accounts can be opened in different jurisdictions, offshore financial centers allow foreign professionals to start a company abroad, and investment programs may publish above market yields for their participants. Yet, even though the potential seems endless, there are several hazards that may lead to disappointment and unexpected results.

Is your investment seemingly lost? Is your (offshore) bank account blocked? Do you read disturbing messages about your financial adviser? And do you want to recover the assets that rightfully belong to you? Then, please keep reading because there is some important news for you…

When investors and bank depositors fear losing money, several defense mechanisms are triggered. An emotional roller coaster throws them from anger to guilt, and from disappointment to determination. A common element is that this group of creditors feels victimized and desires a full return of their capital within reasonable time. Unfortunately, distinct grounds may result in loss of money for investors. As such, it is difficult to determine – prior of a thorough assessment – whether failure was initiated by deliberate misconduct or ordinary market risk.

The current era of financial globalization contains upwards potential and downside risk. Consequently, differences in legal systems, codes of conduct and resolution strategies influence outcomes when things go wrong. In a cross-border setting further conflicts of law may appear at the expense of grossly uninformed creditors. In matters of insolvency or winding up procedures, the most important and often forgotten hazard relates to the singular effect of repayment. Creditors who fail to comply with the instructions for repayment within a pre-arranged specified timeframe, lose their right of recourse.

For victims of (offshore) bank failure, investment fraud and other impactful financial events, Legal Floris LLC launched a Done With You asset and fund recovery program that groups victims and helps them to comply with all steps during the publicly controlled recovery procedures. Additionally, group efforts allow for cost-efficient and effective alternative strategies to reclaim the blocked or disappeared funds.

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