About Global Asset Recoveries

Advanced globalization allows businesses to operate in a cross-border setting with confined limitations. This international playing field assumes stable and reliable market players. Empirical evidence reveals a gap between this theoretical approach and reality. Not all business dealings go smooth and those with obscure thoughts can take advantage of conflicts of law. For global asset recovery, cross-border activities often delay the return of embezzled assets.

Global asset recovery may solve issues for victims of financial crime and creditors in international bank failure. During pre-liquidation stages, corporate assets can be funneled, layered and distributed outside the scope of traditional administrators. Therefore, abrupt and appropriate action is recommended to avoid unforeseen losses and a negative corporate dissolution.

To constantly assist the growing number of victims in bank failure and investment fraud, but also to assist those harmed by a civil wrong, Legal Floris LLC launched this project and website. Creditors who fear financial loss often assume they are defrauded. In a cross-border setting with distinct rules and regulatory variations, financial crime is not always easy to prove. Therefore, a combination of private settlements, and civil and public action often results in progressive outcomes.

Our strategy is to group creditors and limit expenses while maximizing the potential outcome of our actions. An additional benefit of this approach is that prior to insolvency proceedings to commence, actions can deliver higher returns, whilst a potential liquidation delivers the lawful disbursement. As such, creditors who feel victimized by the failure of their bank or investment, are invited to contact us for a consultation without further obligation.