Legal Floris LLC

Legal Floris LLC

Legal Floris LLC is a boutique firm offering specialized recovery services for victims of (offshore) bank failure and cross-border investment fraud. Our practice combines civil law with common law jurisdictions and therefore is not limited to traditional borders. We seek justice for our clients whilst ensuring staged recovery of assets when and where possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee outcomes since insolvency and dissolution have a negative effect on the financial stability of a corporation. However, our clients are guided through different routes for recovery that altogether should minimize expenses and maximize the outcome.

To safeguard the interest of our clients, we combine traditional insolvency and liquidation procedures with civil action, and where possible join the actions of the public prosecution. Financial crime may disrupt confidence in the financial system and therewith can cause social disintegration. It can undermine government structures and also violate community cohesion. As such, governments aim to protect the public interest and penalize fraud against the government, whilst providing emergency relief to victims of fraud. Legal Floris LLC seeks to integrate unconventional and oblivious ways to reimburse its clients.

Victims of (offshore) bank failure and international investment fraud can contact Legal Floris LLC to discuss their case and find appropriate solutions. Past experiences do not guarantee future results, but one common element must be emphasized: fraudsters use every trick in the book to avoid that they have to repay their victims. Appropriate action s therefore always recommended at an early stage, before misappropriated assets are so far hidden that they are impossible to recover.

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