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The digital revolution drastically changed the landscape of fraud and financial crime. Financial intermediaries see the world as their playing field and consumers strive for high-pitched profitability. Regulatory arbitrage and the quest for opportunities triggers a borderless interplay between risk and reward. Investors and inexperienced traders seldom acknowledge the potential hazards of international markets and expect a similar legal and regulatory treatment when things go wrong. Global finance is complex. Even though it brings markets together and empowers competition, market failure, fraud and crime is difficult to tackle. Furthermore, cross border asset recovery is tough.

Financial crime come in various elements. We provide global asset recovery services for fraud and crime with a focus on (offshore) bank failure, boiler room fraud, pump and dump schemes, investment fraud and Ponzi fraud. These types of fraud are characterized by a complex financial products offered via opaque legal structures in multiple jurisdictions. Victims of bank failure and investment fraud are often lured into a scheme that may or may not be intended to defraud. Difficulties arise where the intention of the alleged fraudster is unclear and obscured assets are layered and integrated into a local economy beyond the control of the fraudster.

Complications exist when acts are committed under the wings of a corporation. Especially in common law jurisdictions, the legal entity and its controlling minds are separated. As such, claims are filed against the company and a court needs to approve the piercing of the corporate veil to allow an appeal to personal belongings of a fraudster. Jurisdictions like the UK and USA have an extensive apparatus to fight crimes against the government. When taxpayer money is at risk, the government can take criminal and civil action against a fraudster. Civil parties who can argue causality may join public actions and seek emergency relief under the wings of the government.

Regrettably, victims of fraud and crime seek advice only after a tragic event occurred. Although we warn investors for the hazards of the global financial system via our network of websites, we cannot prevent mishaps. As such, victims of fraud and crime can contact us via the contact form here or by email.

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