Is success guaranteed with global asset recoveries?

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Unintended loss of money leaves emotional and financial scars. It often provides for a feeling of injustice when alleged victims cannot get their counterpart to return the assets they feel are rightfully theirs. A route to the court is not always doable. Therefore victims must use efficient and effective ways to motivate counterparts to settle and solve the dispute. Duped creditors often use emotionally loaded verbiage that does not always contribute to a favorable solution. Therefore, Legal Floris LLC provides with Global Asset Recoveries a service that translates the feelings of alleged victims into strong legal language. Unfortunately, no guarantees for recovery can be given. However, chances of success are optimized by using appropriate, time-tested and proven strategies.

Disputes arise around us all day long. Sometimes these disagreements are easy to solve. At other times they need some further pressure, or even an independent review by a justice. In all matters, the outcome is uncertain whilst a feeling to be wronged is not the same as a liability of the counterpart. It follows that even court cases do not have a guaranteed result. Global asset recoveries does not guarantee results either, it does however do everything possible to get victims of (investment) fraud, financial loss, and even (offshore) bank failure the best position possible to minimize risk and maximize repayment.

Before we can take on your case, a feasibility test decides on the possibilities. There is no reason to take on cases that have little chance of success. Yet, by combining several victims, group efforts can ease the procedure in a cost-efficient way. As such, where possible, we combine a no-cure no-pay recovery fee with initial filing fees. Such a fee structure is required to fund the execution of the assignment. Victims of fraud, bank failure and other loss of money can obtain further information about our work and asset recovery strategies via this contact form. An initial consult and evaluation of your case is always free of charge.

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