I got scammed. How can I get my money back?

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Every single day, all around the world, individuals and corporations are detached from money by obscure transactions and illegal acts. A distinction between the emotional feeling of being wronged, and the legal definition of a criminal act must be made. As such, victims of scams and others who feel wronged and want their money back, must strategize accordingly to minimize their risk and maximize the potential of a full recovery. Global Asset Recoveries deals with cross-border disputes and aims to return lost investments to their owners. This only happens though when there is a legitimate and legal ground for recovery. Those who feel wronged can take civil action against the culprit and can ask the court for an opinion on the matter. Where courts agree with these viewpoints and allow for an award, Global Asset Recoveries can assist if the defendant does not honor the court order for repayment.

Whether individuals or corporations lose money because they are wronged, scammed, or have overlooked the risk factors of the contract, corresponding with the counterpart is always recommended. In general, these counterparts have watertight contracts and will do everything they can to avoid repayment. In matters of fraud and other deliberate misconduct, contracts may not exist, but money trails can be traced, and the current location of assets established.

As mentioned earlier, not all financial losses are considered a scam. Even where the sufferers feel duped through no fault of their own, criminal wrongs are to be established and confirmed by a court of law. Getting money returned to victims who are scammed is not always easy. Especially when payments, transfers or contracts cross borders and enter different jurisdictions. Professional con-men and other fraudsters use distinct and opaque ways to hide allegedly lost assets. These strategies often involve corporate structures in different offshore financial centers.

The successful recovery of lost assets often combines alternative dispute resolution strategies with civil action and sometimes even public interference. The receiver of your money often turns down any form of responsibility. Liability thus can only be imposed by a court. It is common nature that culprits spend the money they take, and clawbacks are difficult in matters of excessive spending. The answer to the question on how victims and others that feel duped can get their money back after being scammed is therefore not easy to provide. It starts though with appropriate communication where the content of the conversation must abstain from accusations and other threats. When the culprit becomes non-responsive, you may want to reach out to us via this contact form to discuss the further possibilities.

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